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The new requirement for practice driving hours applies to all teens who complete their behind-the-wheel lessons after January 1, 2015.
For students who complete their behind-the-wheel lessons after Jan 1, 2015, the following new rules apply:

  • Increased Practice Hours. Students must practice drive at least 50 hours, 15 at night.
  • Parent Class Incentive. Practice driving hours can be reduced to 40 hours, 15 at night, if the parent or guardian attends an in-person Safeway Parent Class. Safeway will provide a Parent Class Certificate of Completion that must be turned in with the driving log. For more information about Safeway’s Parent Class, click here.
  • Supervised Driving Log. A driving log signed by the parent or guardian must be presented to the exam staff at the time of the Road Test. Keep a copy of the driving log.  If the student fails the Road Test, it will have to be presented at the second attempt.  Click on the form to the right to download the State-approved form of driving log.

Safeway has developed a driving log app for mobile devices. It will record driving times, including day and night hours, road type, road conditions and skills practiced. At any time, you can email to yourself a pdf of the driving log in the State-approved format that can be printed, signed and submitted when you apply for a Provisional License. The app can be downloaded from our home page.