BTW Lesson Alert.  Safeway does not currently have its BTW schedules open for online scheduling.  Due to the pandemic and the resulting backlog of behind-the-wheel lessons, coupled with reduced instructor levels, our BTW lessons through Aug are completely booked.  However, the office is scheduling for priority students who have upcoming Road Tests.  We hope to offer all new summer permit holders one Fall lesson. We ask that you check back at the end of August for further updates.

BTW Priority List.  Our priority for BTW lessons continues to be students who have an upcoming Road Test, many of whom have already emailed us.  Please do not schedule a Road Test until Nov at the earliest.  We simply will not be able to schedule lessons for you.

If you do schedule a Road Test in Nov or beyond, please let us know by emailing the name and DOB of the student and the date, time and location of the Road Test to with the subject “Priority List”.  We will put you on the Priority List.  Please be patient as we get in contact with you.  We are contacting students with the closest Road Tests first.  We are, of course, waiving the recommendation of 30 days between lessons.

Limited Staff.  Safeway is struggling like many businesses to retain our staff.  Some are in the high-risk population, some have a medical exemption from returning at this time, and others have decided to retire.  We are hiring and training, but that takes time, especially given social distancing requirements.

Behind-the Wheel COVID Safety Procedures.  Safeway has new procedures for behind-the-wheel training:

  • Safety precautions will require students and instructors to wear a mask at all times in the car.
  • In order to protect our instructors and students, students who show any COVID-19 symptoms must cancel their behind-the-wheel lesson.  There is no cancellation fee for a late cancellation due to illness.
  • We are eliminating back-to-back lessons and are scheduling time between lessons to allow the instructor to disinfect high-touch surfaces in the vehicle between students.
  • Pick-up and drop-off will be done at Safeway classrooms and at selected high schools rather than at a student’s home.

Classroom Instruction.  Safeway is conducting all summer classroom instruction in a distance learning format using a secure Zoom meeting.  To register for summer classes, click the button at the top of our home page or view the calendars for a classroom near you or a school program.  Please review the distance learning expectations and requirements at the top of the page and scroll down to the calendar of classes.

Fall classes will continue using Zoom distance learning with the exception of the Woodbury evening class.  Start dates for in-person Woodbury session will be posted shortly.

In-Person Class. For students that prefer an in-class experience, we are offering evening in-person classroom sessions at our Woodbury classroom. The sessions will have limited enrollment and masks will be required to be worn the entire class. Registration can be completed online by going to the Woodbury location page from our home page.

Parent Classes.  The State has now approved distance learning for Parent Classes.  We will have registration for Fall classes set up in the near future. Please check back for updates.

Blue Cards. After a distance learning class is over, we mail the Blue Card to students who have completed all 10 lessons, have their Service Agreement returned and are up-to-date on payments. The Blue Cards are generally mailed out by the Wednesday after a Fri session end. Our office is not available for Blue Card pickup because we cannot have extra people coming in and out.

Make-Up Students.  If you are a student looking to make-up missed lessons, you can do so through special distance learning sessions, not individual lessons.  Importantly, you must complete your classroom session before we can move your registration to a make-up session.

Please click the button at the top of our home page for the make-up session calendar or click here.  Review the expectations and requirements at the top of the Distance Learning Make-Up page and scroll down to the calendar of class sessions.

Make-up students should find the session in which they would like to attend one or more missed lessons.   Again, registration is for a 10-lesson make-up session, not for individual lessons. Students receive Zoom login credentials the weekday before the session begins and they sign in and attend whichever lessons(s) they’ve missed on the date the missed lesson is given.

Please send an email request to with the subject “Make-Up Session” and include the name and date of birth of the student along with the start date and time of the desired session. We will confirm your request with a return email.

Permit Test Procedure.  Permits Tests are now offered by appointment only; walk-ins are no longer allowed.  To schedule a Permit Test appointment, the State instructs you to go to, select Schedule or Reschedule an Exam and follow the prompts.

Road Tests.  Road Tests are available by appointment at a limited number of exam stations. Locally that includes Arden Hills, Anoka, Eagan and Plymouth.  The State will post any updates on their web site:


Can I just take distance learning classes only and do my behind-the-wheel lessons elsewhere? No, we’ve decided against that.  There is a big difference between the distance learning classes in Safeway’s Teen Package (both classroom and behind-the-wheel) and the classroom-only sessions elsewhere.  Students who complete Safeway’s distance learning classroom instruction will receive a Blue Card, a State form issued by the driving school doing your behind-the-wheel lessons.  Other online programs issue a completion letter.  The Blue Card lets you take the Permit Test.  The completion letter lets you to find a driving school who will agree to do your behind-the-wheel lessons and issue a Blue Card to you.  That’s normally easy, but when driving lessons resume, driving schools will be overwhelmed by their own backlog of cancelled lessons and getting one of them to issue a Blue Card and do your driving lessons may not be as easy as before.

Will my Service Agreement expiration date be extended?  Yes, expiration dates are automatically being extended for 90 days and will be extended for additional 90 days until we are more fully staffed for BTW lessons.e fully staffed for BTW lessons.