Tue, Mar 31, 2020

Safeway has suspended all operations until the CDC and MN Dept of Health issue guidelines for how instruction can safely begin.  Our office is temporarily closed through Fri, Apr 10.  While our office phones will allow voicemail messages which we will check periodically, we will be working remotely and can be more responsive with an email to info@safewaydrivingschool.com.

Classroom instruction.  Safeway has canceled all Apr classroom sessions at Safeway locations.  We have emailed parents and students with details about moving to a future session.  Safeway’s classroom calendars through the summer are posted online. We have reduced the maximum class size for future classes in anticipation of continued social distancing requirements.

As community education sessions are cancelled, your community education department will notify you.

Behind-the wheel instruction.  Safeway has canceled behind-the-wheel lessons through Sat, Apr 11 and have notified parents and students by email.  We will continue to cancel lessons on a rolling weekly basis thereafter.  We have removed from our public calendar all open BTW lessons and are not able to schedule or reschedule lessons at this time.

Permit Tests.  The State has suspended permit testing at all locations through Fri, Apr 10

Road Tests.  The State has suspended road testing at all locations and cancelled thousands of Road Tests through Fri, Apr 10.  [Note: The State is likely to cancel thousands more before they can once again resume testing.  Students should recognize that the backlog is likely to overwhelm a system that was tending to be overbooked even before this happened and that there will be a much, much, much longer “new normal” after Road Tests are again being given.]


Can the 30 hours of classroom instruction be done online?  No, it cannot unless the student has a home school designation from the State.  MN Rule 7411, which governs driver’s education, clearly states that classroom instruction must be done in a classroom with a licensed instructor.

Will my Service Agreement expiration date be extended?  Yes, expiration dates are automatically being extended for 90 days and will be extended for additional 90 days until we resume classes and BTW lessons.

How will I know when you are again scheduling BTW lessons?  As State restrictions and CDC recommendations are eased, we will update this COVID-19 Statement.  Please check it for updates.

Won’t I get priority if my lesson was cancelled because of the COVID-10 pandemic?  Unfortunately, we have no practical way of notifying all the thousands of students who will have had their lesson(s) cancelled.  We would love to be able to; the request is perfectly reasonable.  We’re sorry but we just have no practical way to do so.  The fastest way for you to be able to reschedule your lesson will be to log into your account once our schedules are available.

Can I get priority if I have a Road Test scheduled?  Yes, if you have a Road Test scheduled, please email us at info@safewaydrivingschool.com with the student name and Road Test date.  We will put you on a priority list and will notify you by email before we open the calendars to other students so you can call to schedule final lessons.  We believe individual emails to students on that list will be manageable.